Halloween costume ideas

10 easy and cheap Halloween costume ideas

The spookiest time of the year is coming up fast, and you probably have a tonne of fun Halloween activities planned, like building your own DIY costumes, going to your local pumpkin patch, and deciding what to serve for dinner on Halloween. You’ve probably been celebrating Halloween your entire life, so it may all feel a little stale by this point. But there may still be a lot about the occasion also known as All-Hallows Eve that you don’t know.

The National Retail Federation reports that with Halloween returning to normal now that the pandemic has subsided, customers are spending more than before. In 2022, experts forecast that Halloween expenditure would increase to more than $10.6 billion, an increase of $500,000,000 over this year!

In 2022, almost 69 percent of Americans anticipate enjoying Halloween, up from 65 percent in 2018. Individually, people intend to spend about $100 on costumes, candy, decorations, and greeting cards for their Halloween celebration.

Halloween costume shopping doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Experts in the field of costuming provide their tips for coming up with and putting together your greatest disguise so you can win this year’s costume competition.

These are some fantastic, simple Halloween outfits:

An outfit for jelly beans

Grab a clear (and clean!) garbage bag, poke a few holes for limbs, and then stuff it with balloons to your heart’s desire.

To prevent the ribbon from wrapping around your ankles, weave it through a few smaller holes in the bag’s top and tie it loosely at the neck. Or even better, see if you can locate some bin bags that have long handle ties that will accomplish the same task.

It won’t be simple to maneuver around within a bag of balloons, but it will undoubtedly add to the evening’s excitement!

Silent Movie Star outfit, first

This is one of the simplest student Halloween costumes because it’s so simple to obtain apparel that falls into the white and black group. You can also throw together a silent cinema star outfit very quickly with a little white face paint. This strategy works especially well if you don’t particularly like the folks you’re going to a party with because being quiet might be considered a part of the act.

Simply guide them in the direction of the collection of clever signs you’ve prepared to assist you to communicate (things like “Where can I find the vodka?” and other crucial queries) if anyone dares to approach you. Similar to that, if you have a beret, white gloves, and a stripy top hanging around, you make the ideal mime!

Fried Egg costume, first

Amazing what a little white card and a little something yellow can do. You may either paint a large yellow circle in the middle, stitch together some yellow cloth, or attach an upside-down mixing bowl (clearly yellow) on top to create the egg yolk for this inexpensive Halloween costume. Apart from serving as a reminder of what people would have to eat the next day to fight a hangover, this outfit is simple and entertaining (and not to mention cheap). Just remember the mechanics of transportation in this case; getting into a cab while costumed as a fried egg will be… interesting.

Error Costume

The tech enthusiasts among you should absolutely read this. You’ll have a hard time finding a low-effort Halloween costume that garners more compliments.

Put on your clever “I’m above all this fancy dress sh*t” look to easily outdo everyone.

Mummy Costume

Assuming you don’t live in a student housing complex where toilet paper is perpetually in short supply, this is quite possibly the least expensive Halloween costume.

Add some white bandages at the end to the loo roll to protect it from tearing and leaving a trail behind you wherever you go. This will hold the roll in place.

You can even splatter some fake blood about for added effect (red food coloring will do the trick too). Just be careful not to colour your entire wardrobe crimson.

To avoid problems when you need to urinate, you should also think about binding your top and bottom portions separately (although, for once, you’ll never run out of toilet paper!).

Dead Celebrity costume

This is especially helpful if you’ve previously dressed up as Elvis, Shakespeare, or Marilyn Monroe. Simply repeat the costume, but this time the dead manner. Baby, recycle!

You’ll look infinitely more put together than the guys dressed as The Hulk or The Smurfs—again—if you add some fake blood, pale white face paint, and some scratches using eyeliner.

Costume for a creepy doll

An unsettling toy that has seen better days is one of the best things about low-budget horror. And happily, this outfit requires little effort and doesn’t cost much money.

A straightforward, torn-up garment and creative makeup will do the trick. Choose a pale cracked face, large eyes, and pouting lips.

Find an old frock at your neighborhood charity shop, and if you really want to go all out, build a puppet mechanism over your head out of wood and rope using our Halloween costume ideas.

Costume of a skeleton

The traditional skeleton effect can be achieved in two ways. You can put together an all-black suit and add white fabric pen or chalk bones on top. Alternately, you may layer black clothing over white clothing and cut out the shapes of the bones from the black top.

This one will look great with some white face paint and black eyeliner around the eyes. You can find more Cosplay Ideas on our website.

Ghostly attire

Cheap Halloween outfits sometimes feature sheet ghosts. What’s not to appreciate about a single old sheet with a few holes being all you need?

Spend 10 seconds figuring out the ideal locations for some armholes so that there would be considerably less straining and twisting to hold the sheet in place.

Dressed as a jellyfish

If we talk about Funny Costumes for Adults then this one comes from Jess, a former editor at Save the Student and a fan of fancy dress (thanks, Jess!). You can use a hanging basket liner or a plastic mixing bowl to build the jellyfish dome. Get some leftover fabric to cover it, and then add some ribbons and some fairy lights for decoration. Stuff it with newspaper and attach a hairband with glue to make it genuinely fasten to your head. Easy!

Because the fairy lights can really stand out at night in a dark setting, this costume surely works best then. However, dancing while wearing all that on your head is no easy task.

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