Black Montrose Silver and Rope Bracelet

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The Black Montrose Silver and Rope Bracelet was both designed and skilfully handcrafted completely in Great Britain, In Quality We Trust. For the Modern Journeyman (and woman), ANCHOR & CREW takes ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and enjoys the Happy-Good Life. Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, this ANCHOR & CREW bracelet features:

3mm diameter performance Marine Grade polyester and nylon rope (GB)

Two secure solid .925 sterling silver circular notched link-clasps (GB)


This bracelet is available in four bracelet lengths, 17cm, 19cm, 21cm or 23cm in circumference. To take the bracelet on or off your wrist, simply align the small notch of one circular link-clasp to the small notch of it’s opposite, and feed one into the other.


17cm, 19cm, 21cm, 23cm


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